Project Management
SIERRA has built its own Project Management tool that is comprehensive in addressing the specific requirements to manage software projects more effectively and efficiently. This tool includes features for defining projects and users, tasks definition and allocations, timesheets management, project tracking, Gantt charts with MS Project interface, secured document management, backup management, bug–tracking, escalations and reminders on deviations and provides MIS reports and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for clients making the whole process very transparent and up–to–date.

Software Version Control
Any organization today places a great deal of dependencies on its business software implemented by them since the applications may support their business end–to–end. SIERRA realizes the importance of software version control which will ensure that any changes executed periodically would seamlessly be implemented.

The collaborative development and offshore/onsite models require the greatest attention to version control and the same is achieved in SIERRA using version control software like CVS and Microsoft Visual Source Safe.

Testing Tools
SIERRA uses various third-party testing tools based on technology and project requirements.

SIERRA uses Bugzilla, an open-source application for tracking bugs and the same is exposed to customers for a transparent view. SIERRA’s custom-built Project Management tool also has a bug–tracking features and has more features like KPI reporting.

Change Request Management
SIERRA has developed its own Change Request Management System (CRMS) which is made available online for customers to login and post their change requests for their business applications. The CRMS software supports a workflow for approval of change requests at the client-side and the same is then passed on to the SIERRA support team for processing. This system covers the development, testing, and release of the changes at the SIERRA end also.