WMCentral – Warehouse Management System

WMCentral Enterprise Suite is an end-to-end enterprise-grade Warehouse Management System that can also integrate with the Automated Storage and Retrieval System.

This suite covers all warehousing activities such as receiving, put-away, storage, inventory management, supply, replenishment, kitting, order fulfillment, picking, checking, packing, and dispatch, by keeping track of each of the activities leveraging advanced data capture using Barcode labelling/RFID tagging and related technologies.

It provides visibility of inventory through the entire life cycle of goods getting processed through the Warehouse Management System, right from the time it enters the warehouse until it leaves the facility.

WMCentral not only automates warehouse operations, but it also supports in significantly reducing the operating cost by shortening order-fulfillment cycles and maximizing efficiency. It boosts productivity by using Task Interleaving features for high throughput, reduces inventory costs by implementing MOQ and automated replenishment to minimize holding excess stock, and improves inventory accuracy.

Warehouse Management System

WMCentral allows you to efficiently and effectively manage your Warehouse Operations with the below-streamlined set of integrated features.

Dock Management

  • Inbound/Outbound trucks

  • Priority-wise Loading/Unloading

  • Truck status monitoring & route group assignment

  • Voice announcements

Storage Locations Management


  • Weighing(Automated/Manual) for Acceptance/Rejection

  • Palletizing

  • Automated & manual putaway/storage

  • Storage verification

  • Goods receiving confirmation

  • Goods return management

  • Quality inspection


Supply for Pre-packing and Packing


  • Production planning

  • Automated and manual pre-packing

  • Automated & manual putaway/storage

  • Storage

Order Processing

  • Wave management

  • Picking and packing (export)

  • Pick-to-Light

  • Dispatch packing, sorting & loading

Inventory Management

  • Raw materials

  • Packing materials

  • Finished/Semi-finished goods

  • Dispatch packing, sorting & loading

  • Tools & Spares

Task Interleaving


Invoice & Invoice Reversal

Inventory Cycle Count

Equipment Monitoring and Management

Special Features:

  • Automated, semi-automated and manual operations

  • Robust & load balancing every-step-of-the-way

  • Extensive alerts for operators for required manual actions

  • Manual overrides in all areas

  • Floor-plan based inventory views at various levels like rack, bay, bin etc.

  • Extensive transactional and summary reporting

  • 2-Way live integration with ERP systems

Integrates with all components of Automated Systems including:

  • Picking systems

  • Lifting Systems (Cranes) & Automated Transportation Systems (Laser Guided – LGV, Magnetic Guided – AGV, Rail Guided – RGV, Sorting Vehicles etc.)

  • Sorting systems (Steel Belt, Chute etc.)

  • Label printers/applicators

  • Floor-plan based inventory views at various levels like rack, bay, bin etc.

  • Scanners

Technical Features

  • Web-based administration & reporting

  • Windows application for high-speed operations

  • Hand-held device applications for mobility

  • Highly optimized database operations

  • Centralized control of all equipment operations

  • Readily integrates with popular barcode & RFID devices

  • Full visibility and accuracy of available Inventory

  • Excellent picking and delivery accuracy

  • Highly optimized storage & retrieval and improved operations throughput

  • Improved resource planning, handling & management and minimizing of down-time

  • Allows short interval scheduling, grouping of operations (waves) and release – allowing easy management and coordination of several parallel and sequential activities leading to high efficiency

  • Aids efficient order processing through optimized pick paths

  • Minimizes idle time of equipment and distributes load avoiding bottlenecks

  • Employs intelligent logics while driving the ASRS to optimize put-away and picking operations by arranging a put-away en route next picking operation reducing “deadheading” (empty trips)

  • Allows for 24×7 operations, to achieve maximum throughput/volume with minimum downtime in the Warehouse

  • Helps in controlling hundreds of equipment including the conveyors, cranes, Automated Transportation Systems and Automated Sorting Systems automatically

  • Allows for unhindered Warehouse Operation, while allowing to plan for inventory check of the entire stock in Warehouse in a phased manner