SIERRA’s proven track in Migration Services helps and guides the Business to have a lower maintenance cost and with a minimal Business Impact with a defined Transition period where an Organization can seamlessly start working with the Migrated Data without any major deviation in the data Migrated. SIERRA will also ensure that the Migration Process will not interrupt the Business Process as we follow a very comprehensive methodology for Migration which can be further custom made to fit into an Enterprise with workflows and detailed Migration Reports and Iterations.

Migration Features

Data Migration
Extensive Data Migration to and from SharePoint Database with specific filters and Migration Rules define by the Business Data Migration also covers the Meta Data Integrity checks to be performed before and after Migration while retaining its Properties.

Product Migration
Migrating one Product base to another, from SharePoint database to SQL Server or vice versa with a better performance and efficiency.

Platform Migration
Standardizing architectural platforms and Migrating Customized Web to SharePoint.

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