hr_onlineHRONLINE is a web based post recruitment employee management system covering the appraisal management, training management, suggestion management and the leave processing activities of an organization and can be implemented on an Intranet or Internet environment.


Employee Data Bank

– Internal Information – Department, Salary Details, Joining / Leaving / Confirmation etc
– Personal Information – Present & Permanent Address, Family Information, Reference etc
– Work Experience – Previous and Present Employment history with Salary Drawn info
– Employee Qualification – Degrees, Diplomas, Certifications etc.

Appraisal Management

– Corporate Managers or Head of Departments to Review & Counsel employees
– Corporate Managers or Head of the Departments to Conduct appraisal for Managers
– Corporate Managers or Head of the Departments to Review appraisal for Managers
– Categorized as Managers and Others
– Employee Feedback can be directly updated by the employee or with the Corporate Manager
– Four Steps for Employee Appraisal – Appraisal, Review & Counsel, Employee Feedback, Review Counseling
– Supervisor or Manager to Conduct appraisal for all other employees

Training Management

– Supervisors to do Need Assessment
– Approval / Turning Down of need assessment by HR Personnel and Corporate Heads or Head of Departments
– Training Details to be directly entered by the Employee or HR Personnel
– Review Training done by Supervisors
– Review Evaluation done by Corporate Heads or Head of Departments
– Evaluation done by Supervisors

Suggestion Management – Kaizen

– Any employee can access and post Suggestions
– Approval by Corporate Managers / Process Heads / Head of Departments
– Implementation

Leave Processing

– Any employee can access and view leave status and history
– Apply online – Leave Requests
– Email trigger to approving Supervisor
– Approval / Rejection by Supervisor
– Approval / Rejection Email trigger to applicant
– Employee Calendar

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