colmanThis is a state of the art and comprehensive application developed to cater to the Full–Fledged Financial Accounting, Sales & Distribution, Procurement and Inventory Management and MIS Reporting and other requirements of companies having a Branch Network or C&F Network or Consignment Agents Network spread over a region / state / country.



– Electronic Stock Transfers processing between Branches / Manufacturing Units / Central Warehouse / Head Office.
– Provides Data Consolidation on a Daily / Hourly basis
– Business Rules are applied across locations though there is no Online Connectivity
– Supports Distributed Operations


– Financial Accounting
– Sales & Distribution
– Inventory Management
– Multi Segment, Multiple Business Units based accounting and segregation
– Free Schemes & Rebate Accounting
– Replacements Accounting
– Accounts Receivables

System Description
COLMAN is a fully developed solution, which can connect Branch offices / C&Fs / Depots / Consignment Distributors with the Head Office, using a proprietary and cost–effective technology and consolidate data from such remote locations and integrate them at the Head–office. The solution comprises of two main components

  • C&F / CD / Depot / Branch Application

This component provides connectivity to distributed C&F / CD / Depot / Branch locations with the Head Office. This will perform all Business Functions of these locations like Order Processing, Billing, Inventory update and Accounting. This application has a component that compresses and encrypts (using a proprietary technology) the transaction data and automatically sends it to the Head Office through the Internet at periodic intervals (freely definable: daily/weekly). Another application that resides at the Head Office pulls the data of the remote location from the Email / Internet layer and provides consolidated reports. This application also has various control features to protect the remote location from creating wrong account / product codes etc and also for restricting credit limits etc to make sure the C&F / CD / Depot / Branch performs efficiently.

  • Head Office Consolidation Application

This component enables the integration of various C&F / CD / Depot / Branch data at the Head Office to provide consolidated reports. All the data is integrated here and the head office user can view the individual location wise transaction level information and consolidated reports.

System Features

  • Multi User

COLMAN is a Truly Multi–User application that can be installed in a Network at the Head Office level and also at the Remote Locations.

  • Data Integrity

COLMAN has been developed using Oracle 8.1.6 and maintains a high level of data integrity by using the RDBMS Concepts effectively. COLMAN can also be fine–tuned to work under any database that supports RDBMS concepts.

  • Data Security

The remote location users cannot access / tamper with the transactions since the database is protected and accessible ONLY through COLMAN and no other application or backend tool.

  • Data Transfer Security

Data Transfer from and to the Remote Locations and Head Office is performed through Internet and Email. This data is completely protected using encryption technology and the data can be interpreted / decrypted ONLY by COLMAN

  • Data Consolidation

Transaction Level data can be consolidated at the Head Office as well as Zonal locations seamlessly and COLMAN can provide All India / Zonal MIS Reports on a daily basis.

  • MRP II Concepts / Auditing

COLMAN is a Truly Multi–User application that can be installed in a Network at the Head Office level and also at the Remote Locations.

  • HO Controlled Masters

All / Selected Masters can be controlled / updated by Head Office and electronically transferred using completely automated functions to ensure the correctness of the data

  • Easily Customizable

COLMAN is easily customizable to user specific requirements and the Source Code will be made available to the Company for future requirements.

  • Efficient Data Transfer

All data transferred between locations through COLMAN is encrypted and compressed and automated. Incremental Backup provisions are available in COLMAN for transferring transaction level data on an Incremental basis thus reducing the size of data transferred every month.

  • Complete Outbound Logistics Management

COLMAN covers the features required by the following type of locations,

  1. C&F Locations
  2. Consignment Distributors
  3. Branches
  4. Central Warehouse
  5. Remote Logistics Locations / Regional Warehouses
  6. Head Office
  7. Zonal Office
  • Groups / Strategic Business Units / Segments

COLMAN helps during Mergers and De–mergers by providing Integrated / Segregated reporting at various levels using the Group Concept, Strategic Business Units and Segment concept. All Transactions can be performed together or independently and all MIS Information can be extracted with the above classifications.

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