Strategic IT Staffing
To remain competitive in today’s volatile marketplace, you need the ability to flex the size and make–up of your information technology workforce. Our team can select the right specialists for your business – including contract placement, direct sourcing, contract–to–hire. Or SIERRA can develop a complete workforce management solution customized to meet your business objectives.

At SIERRA we are prepared and ready with qualified consultants to support even your most demanding IT initiatives. We have a flexible workforce that quickly staffs your pressing projects, helping you meet your deadlines with confidence and ease.

We support the IT workforce needs of businesses of every size from Fortune 500 to start–up. We provide you with the experienced talent that meets your requirements. We do more than just review resume qualifications – we work with individuals to understand their skills, abilities and professional goals and will match them to opportunities that will benefit the candidate and our customer.

Staff Augmentation
SIERRA gives you the ability to be as fluid and fast as the technology you’re dealing with by putting you in touch with qualified candidates. With SIERRA, you have access to qualified, talented professionals from any discipline representing every skill set, no matter how obscure or scarce.

SIERRA represents an almost inexhaustible resource for your intellectual capital needs. You can respond quickly to any demand and maintain your competitive advantage. What’s more, our Guarantee removes the risk associated with hiring new talent and gives you the confidence you need to move quickly and achieve measurable results.

Resources for IT Staff Augmentation:

  • C#, ASP.Net Programmer
  • VB.NET Programmer
  • SharePoint Developers
  • PHP Programmers
  • SAP Consultants
  • SIEBEL Consultants
  • Oracle Financial Consultants

Direct Placement
Today, hiring managers and key procurement personnel have a virtually overwhelming number of sources for information technology professionals to fill permanent positions.

Handled internally, sorting, screening and interviewing all of these candidates can take days, weeks or even months – potentially crippling critical IT projects and support operations. Finding the best IT professionals will continue to be a challenge; companies who are able to fill permanent positions the fastest are ensuring their ability to stay competitive and future success.

SIERRA realizes how critical it is to find the best IT professionals rapidly – finding candidates faster than our competitors is has been our primary business focus. Upon receipt of a request, our recruiters will contact the client to set milestones for the interview process. Fully-screened candidates can be delivered for interviews within days.

Our recruiters will follow up with their clients after the interviews to close the order candidate is offered the position or ask further questions to help screen for the next set of candidates. From senior executives to professional staff, SIERRA can provide you with the talent to move your business forward and achieve your greatest objectives.