Cross Platform Mobile Apps DevelopmentMobile application development has quite an impression in the IT field. SIERRA believes that instead of predicting the future of each mobile platform, it is best to cover them all and increase your target audience. With cross-platform application development, you can easily attract more users regardless of their choice of mobile platforms. SIERRA’s specialization in developing and delivering high quality, enterprise-level, highly flexible and high performing cross-platform mobile applications will exceed your users’ expectations and boost your company’s productivity.

Cross-platform application development comes up with a wide range of advantages, which many organizations would be interested in. With cross-platform development, you can acquire a mobile app that can run on different leading mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows. Ultimately, SIERRA’s team of expert developers can design and develop cross-platform mobile solutions based on your conceptual ideas that would meet and exceed the intended purpose and expectations.

SIERRA uses Xamarin, one of the leading cross-platform application development tools, to develop high-quality mobile applications. The mobile applications developed using Xamarin gives users a native applications environment. Using Xamarin, mobile applications will be written only once using C# codes that will run on all the platforms. The reusability of the single code makes the app available for multiple platforms, keeping the cost of development down, reducing development time while increasing the ease of maintaining a bug-free app.

SIERRA is also well versed in the concepts and capabilities of other cross-development application tools such as PhoneGap and Sencha. If you prefer to develop your mobile applications using PhoneGap or Sencha, we would be glad to offer our Design & Development services on those platforms as well. SIERRA’s motive has always been to satisfy their customers and provide them with a lot more than their expectations.

With your ideas evolved into mobile applications, you may also be interested in generating revenue from the application, by way of advertisements, in-app purchases, etc. As per a research, by 2017, $70 billion app-related revenues are expected (VentureBeat). SIERRA can also take care of including appropriate app monetization features that may be required, to help you to maximize the revenue you can generate from your mobile applications.

Cross Platform Mobile Apps Development