Mobile applications are now an imperative part of the enterprise IT landscape and SIERRA with its abundant expertise in this domain, can meet your needs for developing enterprise-class cross-platform mobile apps using the latest Xamarin platform from Microsoft. It is highly beneficial to hire Xamarin developers from SIERRA as we have been an early adopter, building Xamarin applications since 2013. Our team also has the skill sets across the stretch of the project life cycle, for successful end-to-end project management and execution, that can deliver irrespective of the client being fronted by an IT or non-IT team. This implies that you can continue to focus on your core business domain while allowing SIERRA to play the role of a Development Partner in your progress.

To build mobile apps one would need a strong enterprise-level back office/web application development background, and SIERRA being a Microsoft Gold Partner since 2010, and having worked on many critical online applications, is the right choice to be your cross-platform mobile application development partner.

At SIERRA, our priorities are 100% Quality, On-time Delivery, and Best use of Technology to achieve customer delight. We have almost 2 decades of experience in enterprise development, with 20+ Fortune 500 companies as our clients. We work with small to medium and large clients, ensuring the same level of quality deliverables.

We offer the best Xamarin outsourcing solutions for cross-platform mobile app development projects. Leave the nitty-gritty to the experts who have already proved their mettle in delivering Xamarin solutions targeting all the possible platforms be it Android, iOS or Windows, with finesse.

Our Xamarin developers are adept at creating apps that can work securely across platforms using the Xamarin cross-platform technology, always aiming for superior user experience. Our goal is to reduce the complexity in projects and deliver easy and effective solutions.

We have the expertise to design and develop any functionality using the C# language and mind you, we promise awesome user experience and incredible efficiency from the apps we develop. Whatever the device, mobile or tablet we can use some of the best tools like Xamarin Test Cloud and Xamarin Insights as per your preference, to develop some of the best apps, enhance your business and possibly increase your revenues too.

Leading the way to create Xamarin Apps


Xamarin development is setting a new enterprise benchmark for mobile app development, and our experts make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunities that enable you to enhance your business by reaching out to all the possible device platforms like iOS, Android and Windows from a single code base.

Our hand-picked team of professional developers at SIERRA works in tandem to give you the best out of Xamarin app development technologies towards cross-platform mobile apps development solutions followed by excellent implementation support. Our team members have been working with Xamarin ever since it was launched and understand the intricacies and nuances involved.

The key benefits of developing mobile apps using Xamarin:


  • Common user interface against all devices
  • Single codebase ensuring ease of maintenance
  • Common developers for all platforms to maintain consistency in design, functionality, quality, and standards
  • Relatively less testing efforts
  • Well suited for product development, larger applications, and applications with longer life-cycles
  • Well supported by Microsoft

The platform provides end-to-end framework/tooling needed for design, development, testing, and delivery of solutions to individual platforms, be it iOS, Android or Windows. Xamarin-based app development for cross-platforms is pertinent to product development, larger applications, and applications with longer life-cycles.

Our team keeps itself updated with all the happening trends and latest advancements in the Xamarin platform, ensuring nothing but the latest and best is delivered to our customers.

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Our developing team sits in the World’s 2nd highest rated Green Building (under LEED NC v2009 rating system) and you will be engaging with the greenest rated software development company in the world thereby contributing to a cleaner and safer environment.

Our Xamarin programmers feel the pulse of the customers and deliver, exceeding expectations always.

Today, Microsoft Xamarin is second nature to our team, leading them to create impressive Native User Interfaces (UI) for cross-platform applications. Our Xamarin developers are experienced in iOS and Android native application development as well, which comes in handy when they need to envisage user experience and are adept at designing and developing mobile applications for a wide range of needs and domains for our global clientele.

Our Xamarin developer team members are trail-blazers, showing the best way to design Xamarin cross-platform mobile applications, helping our customers save sizably on development and maintenance costs. Xamarin outsourcing is a lot more easier now, and when outsourcing your mobile app project needs to our Xamarin development team you can be ascertained of best, unmatched quality, superior user experience and performance, thanks to their familiarity with the individual platform nuances which has made building applications with C# in Xamarin one of their core strengths. Customizing to our clients’ needs and delivering nothing but the best at highly affordable costs are what makes us stand apart. Click here to view a complete list of SIERRA’S happy clients.


When deciding to build an App targeting more than one mobile platform, very often a business user may have to face a quandary of how the same will be interpreted and developed, by different teams for the same or similar experience outcome, across the platforms targeted.

Analogically this predicament is similar to a book author expecting a book to be translated with the perfect sense of the original book. If one translator has mastery over the original language and the other languages, into which the book is to be translated to, then that translator would be the most ideal one to be assigned the translation work.

Extending the analogy, if a business user is to target multiple mobile platforms, then it is best to be assigned to a development team which has mastered the art of tweaking Xamarin towards the targeted platforms – like iOS, Android or Windows. Xamarin saves precious development time of having to maintain only one code base for different platforms. This effectively translates to lesser development time, faster time to market from the conceptualization stage and therefore reduced app development cost while reducing the need for multiple versions to be maintained for the different platforms. So, that would be a key benefit of engaging SIERRA’s Xamarin development team.

Improved time to market




High performance compiled code granting access to all Native APIs and controls


Cutting-edge Xamarin Platform

The platform remains updated with latest versions of iOS, Android and Windows


Xamarin Test Cloud

Automated Test Cloud enables testing Apps on multiple platforms, devices and screen sizes


Extends to Wearable Technology

Extensibility to wearable technology (Google Glass) is an added advantage

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