Mobile Technologies

SIERRA has excellent expertise in developing native and mobile web applications. We have developed and implemented comprehensive Sales Automation, Field Procurement, Asset and Work Order Management Applications for prominent companies across the globe.

Starting with PSION Pocket PC, Windows Pocket PC, Windows CE 1.0 , Windows Mobile 6.1 to 6.5 versions to the latest Windows Mobile 10, our experience in Mobile Development spans more than a decade. Later we developed applications that run on Android, iOS and Windows Phone OS. We have experience in building both ONLINE and OFFLINE native applications on all Mobile platforms. We have worked with many clients of all sizes, handling Internationalization and Localization as per client needs.

We provide following mobile application development services with experience for over 12+ years, in the following category of applications:
  • Native Mobile Applications Development for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

  • Multiplatform Mobile Applications Development for Android, iOS and Windows Phone using Xamarin

  • Multiplatform Mobile Web Applications Development for Android, iOS, and Blackberry

  • Windows Mobile/CE and Windows Phone Applications Development

  • Native Mobile Applications Development for Android and iOS

  • Multiplatform Mobile Web Applications Development for Android, iOS, and Blackberry

  • Multiplatform Mobile Web Applications Development with Native Packaging

HTML5 Based Web Application
  • The biggest advantage of mobile web apps using CSS3, HTML5 and JS is that we are able to build them to be platform-independent — we can maintain independence from devices and operating systems

  • HTML5 pages with Fast-loading JavaScript, combined with equally impressive CSS3 will provide rich experience as a native app

  • CSS media queries and other feature-detection techniques can be used to determine certain characteristics of a device or browser viewport, which gives developers the option to use the same code to present content at its best for the situation in which it is being viewed

Native Mobile Application
  • Native apps can take advantage of the platform’s integrated development features which can further aid performance

  • Native apps can get access to native device features such as GPS, camera, calendar, and accelerometer

  • Native apps definitely enjoy an architectural advantage in security

  • Xcode is an IDE with Objective-C language used by Mac and iOS developers to build iOS applications. Android Studio with Java, Mono for Android with C# are IDEs used for Android App development

  • Visual Studio with C# used by Windows Phone developers

Packaged HTML5 Mobile Apps
  • HTML5 Mobile Packaging tools like PhoneGap/Cordova helps to Build your app once with web-standards and Wrap it so as to get access to native features in Mobile. Packaging tools uses standards-based web technologies to bridge web applications and mobile devices and Deploy the app in Multiple Platforms

  • HTML mobile apps are platform-independent but they can’t make use of any hardware or services of the phone. PhoneGap can convert your HTML app into a native app

  • With these tools, from JavaScript, you can get access to device features like geolocation, vibration, access to photos, contacts, etc.

Advantages of Xamarin Mobile Apps Development
  • Rapid Prototyping of Mobile Apps

  • Option to Decide User Interface Development Technique – During development we can choose whether to share the UI or only the Code portion alone for the multiple platforms

  • The developers can customize the user interface’s look and feel by using several types of pages including content page, navigation page, tabbed page, carousel page, or master-detail page

  • Based on the requirements of the application, the programmers can use stack, absolute, relative, or grid layout

  • 40-plus Controls and provision to develop custom controls

  • With Microsoft taking over Xamarin and including it as part of Visual Studio 2015, the support has improved

  • Xamarin not only offers the IDE for development but also provides a cloud-based testing tool named Xamarin Test Cloud

Our flagship product eFACiLiTY®‘s mobile module works on all the above platforms developed using Xamarin and is a good demonstrator of our capabilities.