Suresh P

Suresh P | Working with Cognizant Technologies, USA

I enjoyed working with my former colleagues at SIERRA. I enjoyed going to work every morning to such a friendly and fun-filled atmosphere. The leadership team was great and one should be lucky to work in SIERRA and I was lucky enough to be one. I am thankful for the learning experience and great friends I have gained at SIERRA.

Asok Ramakrishnan

Ashok Ramakrishnan | Team Lead / Cognizant Technologies Ltd

Great career opportunity. Top Leadership. The culture at SIERRA was amazing. SIERRA provided me a lot of learning opportunities. Encouraged me to grow and move up in career.

Mahendhiran Krishnan

Mahendhiran Krishnan | Full stack Technical Manager / Solution Architect - Client position

I started my career with SIERRA as a fresher and built a strong technical foundation with the team around. I am still applying the same methodology, process and analytical skills that I learnt in SIERRA. This has helped me a lot with the quick growth in my current organization. In my present organisation management meetings, I proudly tell that I have been trained in SIERRA. This is the best opportunity to convey my strong thankfulness to my mentor who gave me this opportunity to start my IT Career.

SIERRA is the best place to learn new technologies, domains, and processes for freshers as well as experienced.


Ramanan Subbiah | Product Consultant / Cognizant Worldwide LTD, United Kingdom

I joined SIERRA as a fresher and worked for 3 years. I have no doubt in saying that the foundation of my IT career was laid at SIERRA. I met some of the best people who helped me understand the real workings of the IT world. SIERRA provided me with the opportunity to work with a team of intelligent professionals and also to work in all areas of software development including designing, coding (front-end and back-end), testing and deployment. I doubt any fresher would get an opportunity like this in any other big software company. I also got my first onsite opportunity in Malaysia for implementation & UAT. That was a great experience. To be working and be a part of SIERRA was such a wonderful, life-changing experience. I made lifelong friendships with some of my colleagues at SIERRA. I’m so happy and grateful for this opportunity.


Ravikumar S | Service Delivery Manager for APAC Region / IRI


Suganya Prabhu | Teacher

I am Suganya Prabhu. I worked in SIERRA for about 5 years early in my career. The work culture and environment was a great learning experience. SIERRA to me was like a family more than an office. It will remain a cherishing memory in my life.

I have made a career switch and now I inspire people as a teacher.


Ramkumar B V | Module Lead / AgilePoint Software India Pvt., Ltd., Bengaluru, India

I started my baby steps of my career in SIERRA Private Limited and it was a memorable time from 2008 to 2012. It was a place for learning and growth, shaped me as a software professional. SIERRA has an employee-friendly environment, with freedom and responsibility it helps employees deliver quality work to its client. I am grateful to SIERRA-tians who contributed to my career journey.


Saravanan Kulandaivel | Senior Associate / DBS Asia Hub 2 Pvt Ltd., Hyderabad, India

I started my career at SIERRA and spent more than 3 years from 2006 to 2009.

I was involved in Research & Development for a Biometric project which helped me learn a lot of things in SIERRA.

My sincere thanks to Mr. Giridhar and Mr. Madhan Kumar who helped me a lot and for giving me enough time to make it an R&D success, finally we were able to connect and play all the devices (Digital camera, Finger Print scanner and Signature capture pad). That learning experience is helping me a lot in my career.

Thanks to everyone.

Hussain Ahamed TA

Hussain Ahamed TA | Lead Consultant for Infor EAM / Intertec Softwares Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India

I am Hussain Ahamed, Lead Consultant for Infor EAM at Intertec Softwares Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore. I am managing EAM implementation across Middle East Countries. It was my good luck starting my wonderful career at SIERRA in 2007 and worked for 6 full years till 2013 on SIERRA’s flagship product eFACiLiTY®. SIERRA’s CEO Mr. Giridhar is my role model for work life both professionally and personally, it was a great opportunity to work under his mentorship. I enjoyed all my 6 years and really learned a lot which has helped me acquire immense product knowledge and take my career to a great profile. As quoted by Nolan Bushnell, “A true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer”, SIERRA achieves its vision by making eFACiLiTY® as one of the best global product in EAM vertical and I am proud to have been a part of the initial product development team.


Christopher Shakespeare V | Program Manager / Merit Software Services, Chennai


I am pleased to introduce myself, Christopher Shakespeare V (Chris V) working in Merit Software Services (UK based) in Chennai as Program Manager. Currently, I am managing Global Systems and multiple scrum team that comprises of nearly 120 resources working in diversified technologies. I have Implemented Agile practices in a larger manner and provided Agile Coaching to more than 500 resources.

I started my career at SIERRA as ADC Project Manager in Malaysia and was placed in JTI (Japan Tobacco International Factory – Malaysia) for 4 years from 2007 till 2011.

It was a golden period in my career where I had great exposure working with several stakeholders from different countries. I had an opportunity to manage large & tough projects, legacy modernization, and handle multi-cultured clients from various countries like Malaysia, Korea, Turkey, and almost covered the entire South Asian Pacific region. SIERRA taught me to work under any circumstances and handle pressure. I would proudly say that we developed the first PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) application implemented in JTI for purchasing Tobacco Leaves in 2007. It was one of the milestones in my career.

Today, I am playing multiple roles like, Program Manager, Community Manager for Code Quality & Development, Technical Forum Head, Agile Coach and managing huge number of resources & proficient in Stakeholder management that is absolutely because of the foundation that was laid in SIERRA.

I have been continuously observing SIERRA from the day I joined till today and they are consistently upgrading their skills in terms of Operations, Technologies, Facilities and especially Employee Welfare.

I would proudly say that SIERRA is a gateway & mentor of my career and I am HAPPY TO BE PART OF SIERRA FAMILY EVER. I wish SIERRA success in all its future endeavors.